Mortartl) Combat

“I contend that we are the first race in the world, and that the more of the world we inhabit the better it is for the human race…

Cecil John Rhodes

That Cecil John Rhodes represented racism in its harshest form during the heydays of colonial occupation in South Africa is legend,.

21 years of democracy—-post the Truth and Reconciliation hearings and post the many attempts at levelling the racial field, we now tackle “dead bodies”.

We changed names (Jan Smuts to OR)
(Witwatersrand to Gauteng), several street names got the chop, and we replaced Whites with our own in key positions to blend in with African nationalism—-moves that many former colonies have also adopted—eg India which is also suffering from “colonic indigestion” with name changes aplenty.

When Iraq fell, the statue of its Baathist leader Saddam Hussain was the first casualty.
Did things change for Iraqis?

If statues and statutes could change
the future course of history, why are we still in reverse mode?

We have more serious issues to tackle than “post mortems”—–dead bodies tell no tales.

Let sleeping dogs lie.
In the words of one Nelson Mandela-
“There’s plenty work ahead of us”

“T W I N” Doctoring………

Of the most amazing co-incidences to come out of the 21 year reign of the ANC,  is that they appear to mirror the past errors of their “masters”.

secrecy is one, cronyism is another, and, of course, spin doctoring. The Nats, in their preservation of power. resorted to muzzling news so that the enemy -the ROOI GEVAAR, a reference to both the ANC and the Communists, did not get a whiff of developments in the country.

Enter Eschel Rhoodie who  started a newspaper to tout government opinion-THE CITIZEN, which as we all know, was a propagandist mouthpiece of the ruling party-ably funded by the Nats

Fast-forward  the 21st century-voila!, we have THE NEW AGE, owned by the Guptas, and well-heeled friends of the president.

so, Mac Maharaj’s retirement, at the ripe old age of 80, was way overdue. having careered his way into the good books of te ANC-first with an association with Schabir Shaik to procure the multi-million smart card deal.

He was the ideal candidate for the job, considering there was a common denominator———–Shaik whom, as we know, was financial advisor to Mr Zuma.

straight-faced liar, with an unceremonious resignation from FNB, the country will breathe a sigh of relief to see a one-time  freedom fighter change course and sleep with the enemies of nation building.

Lies that have cost the country billions!

Fringe Deficits

As in most countries, the lunatic fringe will always stir up controversy to upset the status quo

India’s firebrand nationalist leader Sadhvi Prachi, has unleashed a fresh controversy by saying that those who do not chant songs like “Bharat Matta ki Jai” or “Vande Maataramm”. have no right to live in the country.

Also, insulting the national flag and indulging in cow slaughter should also be banished, as well as couples who have more than three children,

With the PM Narendra Modi having back pedalled somewhat after the lambasting he got from world leaders after the Gujrat riots some ten years ago, ultra-nationalsits will not find many supporters in an India now slowly putting ethno/religious strife in the back burner

Interview with a “Vampire”

A patriarchal society that has virtually stripped the honor of it’s women, is now crying foul over a documentary that delves into the mind of a rapist.

Whilst that BBC produced doccie is in no way condoning the rapists/killers’ actions, it hits at the mindsets and mores of a society (particularly Pakistan) where such violations and spousal abuse is rampant.

Leslie Udwin’s “cell-ular” visits where she conducted the interview, now claimed by authorities to have been unauthorized by India’s Justice Ministry, is also at the heart of that doccie, exposing the hypocrisy of it’s society, that despite 7O years of independence, free trade and rampant promiscuity, are still caught in a time warp with entrenches male dominance in a much modernized milieu.

The doccie purports to show a society that despite being the world’s largest democracy, gender parity is still “village embedded”

Despite media muzzling, Chinese authorities’ sanctioning of a two-hour video exposing high levels of pollution is a sign that, like India, economic growth and globalization has changed governmental thinking on the subject of press freedom.

Over the weekend in China, 175 million people — more than the entire population of Bangladesh — watched a newly released in-depth and well-produced documentary about the country’s debilitating smog problem.

The video has caught the Chinese public at a moment of intense focus on the wide-ranging impacts of air pollution from coal-fired power plants and vehicle emissions.

In a country known for spiking any media that paints the government in a bad light, the documentary has not been firewalled.

China’s new environment minister, even praised it on Sunday, saying it reflected “growing public concern over environmental protection and threats to human health.”

Some are also comparing the lecture-style film, which is replete with charts and visual aids, to Al Gore’s 2006 “An Inconvenient Truth”